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    Zilch (also know as "Farkle") can be played with the computer, another person (same location), or over the net*.

    Instructions: Roll the dice to take your turn. If you roll some scoring dice then you must take some of those points before you can roll again. Once you have taken 300 points or more you can bank them or carry on rolling. If you bank them then the points are safe and your turn is finished. If you choose to roll again and score no points, that's a zilch. You bank zero points and your turn is over. If you get three zilches in a row then you lose 500 points.

    When one player has banked 10000 points (or more), the other player(s) get one more turn to try and bank more points than the leader. When everybody has had their last turn the player with the most points wins.

  • Playing Zilch Online Open or Close

    *To play Zilch over the internet...

    You may want to try it first - it's simple - but if you need help...

    PLAY AS A "GUEST" (no stats kept between sessions)

    After the advertisement ends, click "play online" - under "Play as Guest - Enter a Player Name - Click Play - check "private" and enter a password (anything).  Tell your opponent what your name and the password are. When they see your name they can click on it, enter the password, and begin play!

    You may also leave "private" unchecked and play unknown opponents.

    Or... "Sign Up" (stats kept between sessions)

    After the advertisement ends, click "play online", then click "Sign Me Up!"

    You'll be taken to the "playr" secure site where you can create an account.

    You may get a message warning you about the site. It just means that they are using a secure site, but haven't updated their security validation.

    No worries, you won't be entering any personal info! So go ahead to the site.

    Enter a username and password - keep track of them, you'll need them to log into the zilch game.

    Enter a fake email address. Once accepted just leave the browser page, you're done.

    Now back at the Zilch game play online screen, enter the username and password

    On the next screen click "New Game". Next click the "private" check-box and enter a password.

    Watch for your opponents username to appear - click on their name

    Voila! Play the game - rules are onscreen - Enjoy!


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